Prime-Time Parenting

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The Two-Hour-a-Day Secret to Raising Awesome Kids

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At a time when people feel pulled in many directions and bombarded by a constant flow of information, Prime-Time Parenting provides a realistic framework for parents to be truly present for their children during their formative years. There is a lot to accomplish in the evening hours after work and school, and it is easy to get sidetracked. By focusing on parenting exclusively between the hours of around 6-8pm, author Heather Miller explains, we can meet our children’s emotional, nutritional, social and educational needs. After 8pm, parents can turn their attention to themselves and to each other. The result is stronger, happier families, a less stressful home life, and healthy, secure children who do their very best at school. Not a bad outcome for just two hours a day!By focusing on a two-hour window every evening, you can meet your child’s needs while also meeting your own. Readers learn how to:Bond with their children over a nutritious dinnerHelp their children with their homeworkRead with their children before bedGet their children to bed at a reasonable hour (that’s a lot earlier than you expect it to be)Enjoy some “me” time after kids are in bed.]]>



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