Principles of Assessment and Outcome Measurement for Allied Health Professionals


Practice, Research and Development

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<b>Principles of Assessment and Outcome Measurement for Allied Health Professionals</b> <p>The revised and updated second edition of <i>Principles of Assessment and Outcome Measurement for Allied Health Professionals</i> offers an authoritative guide for allied health professionals and students. The authors, noted experts on the topic, explore the assessment process that encompasses the data collection methods, the evaluation process that determines the effectiveness of an intervention, and standardised and systematic outcome measurement procedures.<p> The book discusses in detail the various methods of data collection (observation, interview, standardised testing) and the types of sources (self-report, proxy, observational) for collecting information. The main purposes of assessment (descriptive, evaluative, predictive, discriminative) are also presented. The book addresses the topics of standardization, levels of measurement, reliability, validity, and clinical usefulness. The text provides the information needed to select and perform assessment and outcomes measurement to inform goal setting, evaluate outcomes, and ensure that interventions are effective, efficient, and economical in order to provide quality services to clients and their carers. This important book: <ul><li>Covers information on assessment and measurement in practice, research, and service evaluation and improvement</li><li>Explores how to develop and evaluate assessments and outcome measures</li><li>Offers an international perspective</li><li>Discusses the criteria for choosing a particular assessment approach</li><li>Informs the critical appraisal of the evidence underpinning standardised assessments and measures, and selecting the best tools for practice or research</li><li>Includes updated and additional case studies</li><li>Provides worksheets and additional illustrations to enhance understanding</li></ul><p>Written for allied health students and professionals, <i>Principles of Assessment and Outcome Measurement for Allied Health Professionals</i> is the essential guide to assessing, measuring, and evaluating the impact and outcome of clinical practice and interventions.