Principles of Fraud Examination


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<p>Accountants have historically had an important role in the detection and deterrence of fraud. As Joe Wells&rsquo; <b><i>Principles of Fraud Examination 4th <b><i>edition</i></b></i></b> illustrates, fraud is much more than numbers; books and records don&rsquo;t commit fraud &ndash; people do. Widely embraced by fraud examination instructors across the country, <i>Principles of Fraud Examination, 4th <i>Edition, by Joseph Wells,</i></i> is written to provide a broad understanding of fraud to today&rsquo;s accounting students &ndash; what it is and how it is committed, prevented, detected, and resolved. This 4th edition of the text includes a chapter on frauds perpetrated against organizations by individuals outside their staff&mdash;a growing threat for many entities as commerce increasingly crosses technological and geographical borders.</p>