Product Development


An Engineer’s Guide to Business Considerations, Real-World Product Testing, and Launch

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Product Development: An Engineering and Business Approach is designed to help engineers broaden their business skills and help other business stakeholders gain a better understanding of the engineering aspects of product development. The first half of the book introduces the roles of the engineering, marketing, and finance departments in product development while the second half takes a detailed look at each stage of product development, including: product initiation, budgeting, and R&D; product design, ergonomic, and manufacturing considerations; and product testing, market launch, and post-development product review. Each stage is presented in the format of a hand-ons tutorial and is accompanied by case studies, team exercises, and Q&As. Written by an experienced engineering consultant and practitioner, Product Development: An Engineering and Business Approach will enable engineers to approach product development through the lens of the interdisciplinary, inter-department coordination that is needed to successfully bring a new product to market.


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