Product Realization


Going from One to a Million

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<p><b>PRAISE FOR PRODUCT REALIZATION: GOING FROM ONE TO A MILLION</b> <p>”A must-read reference for anyone who intends to successfully build a product and bring it to market.”<br/> <b>ÂDesh Deshpande</b>, Entrepreneur & Life Member of MIT Corporation <p>”This book is a go-to resource for new and experienced hardware teams to help them plan for and execute a new hardware startup successfully and avoid common pitfalls. Highly recommended.”<br/> <b>ÂBill Aulet,</b> Managing Director, The Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship & Professor of the Practice, MIT Sloan School and Author of <i>Disciplined Entrepreneurship</i> <p>”An excellent, practical guide for first time entrepreneurs building physical world products.”<br/> <b>ÂLaila Partridge,</b> Managing Director, STANLEY+Techstars Accelerator <p>”<i>Product Realization</i> picks up where so many product design books end. Here is the book that explains it all  chock full of shop-floor wisdom, fascinating stories and compelling examples.”<br/> <b>ÂSteven Eppinger,</b> Professor of Management Science and Engineering Systems, Massachusetts Institute of Technology <p>”<i>Product Realization</i> contains the critical information and roadmap hardware entrepreneurs need as they take their concepts from prototype to production.”<br/> <b>ÂKen Rother,</b> Managing Director eLab and Visiting Lecturer of Management, Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell University <p><i>Product Realization: Going from One to a Million</i> delivers a comprehensive treatment of the entire product launch process from beginning to end. Drawing upon the author’s extensive first-hand experience with dozens of successful product launches, the book explores the process of bringing a design from prototype to product. It illustrates the complicated and interdisciplinary process with vignettes and examples, provides checklists and templates to help teams, and points out common challenges teams will face. <p>Perfect for both students, start-ups, and engineers in the field, <i>Product Realization: Going from One to a Million</i> will be the go-to reference for engineers seeking practical advice and concrete strategies to launch higher quality products, at the right cost and on time.


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