Programming and GUI Fundamentals


TCL-TK for Electronic Design Automation (EDA)

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The TCL Language and the TK graphical toolkit are simple and powerful building blocks for sophisticated applications. The TCL/TK combination is becoming increasingly popular, allowing users to produce sophisticated graphical interfaces with a few easy commands. Tcl was initially designed to work with electronics simulations and still has a strong presence in the EDA industry. All major EDA tools support Tcl. Programming and GUI Fundamentals: TCL-TK for Electronic Design Automation (EDA) describes programming in Tool Command Language (TCL) and Graphical User Interface (GUI) with Toolkit (TK) and focuses on how tcl can support electronic design automation and integrated circuit design. Upon using this book readers will able to develop an electronic circuit or algorithm in TCL. Users will learn to design their own GUI, and place and package the widget on the GUI. This book will allow EDA professionals, chip designers, and students to code and design in Tcl-tk and will streamline their use of EDA tools. The authors provide basic questions at the end of each chapter to enable effective learning throughout the textbook.


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