Progress in Adhesion and Adhesives


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<p>This book is based on the 13 review articles written by subject experts and published in 2014 in the <i>Journal Reviews of Adhesion and Adhesives. </i>The rationale for publication of this book is that currently the RAA has limited circulation, so this book provides broad exposure and dissemination of the concise, critical, illuminating, and thought-provoking review articles.</p> <p>The subjects of the reviews fall into 4 general areas:</p> <p>              1. Polymer surface modification</p> <p>              2. Biomedical, pharmaceutical and dental fields</p> <p>              3. Adhesives and adhesive joints</p> <p>             4. General Adhesion Aspects         </p> <p>The topics covered include: Adhesion of condensed bodies at microscale; imparting adhesion property to silicone material; functionally graded adhesively bonded joints; synthetic adhesives for wood panels; adhesion theories in wood adhesive bonding; adhesion and surface issues in biocomposites and bionanocomposites; adhesion phenomena in pharmaceutical products and applications of AFM; cyanoacrylate adhesives in surgical applications; ways to generate monosort functionalized polyolefin surfaces; nano-enhanced adhesives; bonding dissimilar materials in dentistry; flame treatment of polymeric materials—relevance to adhesion; and mucoadhesive polymers for enhancing retention of ocular drug delivery.</p>


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