Progress in Adhesion and Adhesives, Volume 6


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<p><b>With the voluminous research being published, it is difficult, if not impossible, to stay abreast of current developments in a given area. The review articles in this book consolidate information to provide an alternative way to follow the latest research activity and developments in adhesion science and adhesives.</b> <p>With the ever-increasing amount of research being published, it is a Herculean task to be fully conversant with the latest research developments in any field, and the arena of adhesion and adhesives is no exception. Thus, topical review articles provide an alternate and very efficient way to stay abreast of the state-of-the-art in many subjects representing the field of adhesion science and adhesives. <p>The 19 chapters in this Volume 6 follow the same order as the review articles originally published in RAA in the year 2020 and up to June 2021. The subjects of these 19 chapters fall in the following areas: <ul><li>Adhesives and adhesive joints</li> <li>Contact angle</li> <li>Reinforced polymer composites</li> <li>Bioadhesives</li> <li>Icephobic coatings</li> <li>Adhesives based on natural resources</li> <li>Polymer surface modification</li> <li>Superhydrophobic surfaces</li></ul> <p>The topics covered include: hot-melt adhesives; adhesively-bonded spar-wingskin joints; contact angle hysteresis; fiber/matrix adhesion in reinforced thermoplastic composites; bioadhesives in biomedical applications; mucoadhesive pellets for drug delivery applications; bio-inspired icephobic coatings; wood adhesives based on natural resources; adhesion in biocomposites; vacuum UV surface photo-oxidation of polymers and other materials; vitrimers and their relevance to adhesives; superhydrophobic surfaces by microtexturing; structural acrylic adhesives; mechanically durable water-repellent surfaces; mussel-inspired underwater adhesives; and cold atmospheric pressure plasma technology for modifying polymers. <p><b>Audience</b><br> This book will be valuable and useful to researchers and technologists in materials science, nanotechnology, physics, surface and colloid chemistry in multiple disciplines in academia, industry, various research institutes and other organizations.