Prophecy and Power


Violence and Islam II

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<p>Heralded as the greatest living Arab poet, Syrian-born Adonis is also a staunch critic of violence and despotism in the Islamic world. In this book, he explores the nature of political power in Islam by focusing on the figure of the prophet Mohammed as both a political and a mythical leader. In conversation with Houria Abdelouahed, Adonis examines the Qur&rsquo;anic intervention in establishing the prophet&rsquo;s power, especially when the text is read based on faith and not reason. The authors discuss the historical developments before and after the prophet&rsquo;s death, which established the power of the Caliph or the leader as absolute.</p> <p>The second part of the book examines the consequences of these developments in the Arab and Islamic world today, where this &lsquo;tyrannical&rsquo; understanding of power continues to hold sway. The authors conclude with a call for secularism in the Arab world and a passionate plea for the separation of religion from the political, legal and social spheres.</p>


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