Psalms Through the Centuries, Volume 3


A Reception History Commentary on Psalms 73 – 151

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<b>This third volume completes the set of a groundbreaking reception history of the Psalter, the culmination of two decades’ work</b> <p>In Volume Three of <i>Psalms Through the Centuries: A Reception History Commentary on Psalms 73-151,</i> the internationally recognized biblical scholar Professor Susan Gillingham examines the Jewish and Christian cultural and reception history of Books Three to Five of the Psalter. She examines the changing ways in which psalms have been understood in translations and commentaries, liturgy and prayer, study and preaching, music and art, poetic and dramatic performance, and political and ethical discourse. <p>Lavishly illustrated with thirty colour plates, several black and white images and a number of musical scores, this volume also includes a comprehensive glossary of terms for readers less familiar with the subject and a full, selective bibliography complete with footnote references for each psalm. Numerous links to website resources also allow readers to pursue topics at greater depth, and three clearly organized indices facilitate searches by specific psalms or authors, or types of reception for selected psalms. <p>This structure makes the commentary easy to use, whether for private study, teaching or preaching. The book also offers: <ul> <li>A one-of-a-kind treatment of the reception history of the psalms that starts where most commentaries end&mdash;beginning with the trajectory of the Psalter’s multi-faceted reception over two millennia</li> <li>Specific discussions of both Jewish and Christian responses to individual psalms</li> </ul> <p>Psalms Through the Centuries: A Reception History Commentary on Psalms 73-151, like the previous two volumes, will earn a distinctive place in the libraries of faculties, colleges, seminaries, and religious communities as well as in private collections of students and scholars of biblical studies, theology, and religion.