Psychological Analysis


How to Make Money, Outsmart the Market, and Join the Smart Money Circle

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<p><b>Beat the market by using&nbsp;</b><b>Psychological Analysis&nbsp;for investing and&nbsp;trading&nbsp;under any conditions</b>&nbsp;</p> <p>Conventional&nbsp;wisdom&nbsp;tells us that&nbsp;people are rational and make rational decisions with their money. But that&rsquo;s simply not true considering&nbsp;most&nbsp;people fail to beat the market. Conventional wisdom also tells us that there&nbsp;are two primary ways to approach the market:&nbsp;technical and fundamental analysis.&nbsp;Again, that is not true because if it were&mdash;everyone would be rich. Think about it,&nbsp;how many times&nbsp;have you seen&nbsp;stocks with poor&nbsp;fundamentals&nbsp;go&nbsp;<i>up</i>, or stocks with great&nbsp;technicals&nbsp;go&nbsp;<i>down</i>?&nbsp;It&rsquo;s obvious that&nbsp;something is missing.&nbsp;Author Adam Sarhan,&nbsp;Founder&nbsp;and CEO of&nbsp;50 Park Investments,&nbsp;developed&nbsp;a new approach,&nbsp;titled,&nbsp;Psychological Analysis (PA).&nbsp;Coined by the author,&nbsp;the term&nbsp;teaches you how to make rational, not emotional, decisions with your money and&nbsp; shows you how&nbsp;to analyze&nbsp;both the individual and collective market mindset at a particular time based on the behavior and decision-making of people in the real-world.&nbsp;<i>Psychological Analysis&nbsp;</i>is designed to tip the odds of success in your favor.&nbsp; &nbsp;</p> <p>After studying every major economic and market cycle going back to the 3rd century, the author&nbsp;explains&nbsp;that human nature&nbsp;is the one constant and tells you what&nbsp;actually&nbsp;drives&nbsp;markets. Psychological Analysis&nbsp;is&nbsp;responsible for major&nbsp;and minor&nbsp;market moves&nbsp;today, tomorrow, and all&nbsp;throughout history.&nbsp;Adam&nbsp;shows&nbsp;you&nbsp;that there are more factors that influence price than just fundamental or technical analysis&nbsp;and how to bring out the smart money superhero inside you.&nbsp;This invaluable guide helps you: </p> <ul> <li>Make rational, not emotional, decisions with your money&mdash;especially when you are under pressure</li> <li>Understand the psyche of the market so you can learn how to join the Smart Money Circle and consistently take money out</li> <li>Generate above average returns in all market environments</li> <li>Incorporate Psychological Analysis into your overall trading and investing strategy so you can make smarter decisions on and off Wall Street</li> </ul> <p><i>Psychological Analysis: How to Outsmart the Market One Trade at a Time&nbsp;</i>is a must-have resource for traders, investors, finance professionals, and anyone who wants to profit regardless of market conditions.&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>