Psychological Symptoms


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If you or someone you love is suffering from any of the following,you can now find out why–and what you can do about it .<br> * Anxiety<br> * Loss of pleasure<br> * Irrational fears<br> * Obsessional thoughts<br> * Erratic mood swings<br> * Procrastination<br> * Compulsive overeating<br> * Extreme shyness<br> * Depression<br> * Self-destructive behavior<br> * Phobias<br> * Excessive anger<br> * Perfectionism<br> * Drug abuse<br> Psychological Symptoms Now, in this indispensable reference, Dr.Frank J. Bruno helps you understand the origins of and treatmentavailable for several common psychological symptoms, which canimpinge on your daily life and even signal deeper emotionaltrouble. A comprehensive sourcebook, Psychological Symptomsprovides a detailed description of 27 symptom groups, each completewith an analysis of possible biological and psychological causes,as well as concrete everyday examples of characteristicself-defeating, self-destructive thinking and acting. Containingover 150 specific, self-directed strategies for dealing with anarray of troubling, debilitating behaviors, as well as a guide tothe various forms of psychological and psychiatric therapiesavailable, Psychological Symptoms lets you finally gain perspectiveand control over problems that can impair your emotional health andwell-being.


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