Python for Cybersecurity


Using Python for Cyber Offense and Defense

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<p><b>Discover an up-to-date and authoritative exploration of Python cybersecurity strategies</b></p> <p><i>Python For Cybersecurity: Using Python for Cyber Offense and Defense</i> delivers an intuitive and hands-on explanation of using Python for cybersecurity. It relies on the MITRE ATT&amp;CK framework to structure its exploration of cyberattack techniques, attack defenses, and the key cybersecurity challenges facing network administrators and other stakeholders today.</p> <p>Offering downloadable sample code, the book is written to help you discover how to use Python in a wide variety of cybersecurity situations, including:</p> <ul> <li>Reconnaissance, resource development, initial access, and execution</li> <li>Persistence, privilege escalation, defense evasion, and credential access</li> <li>Discovery, lateral movement, collection, and command and control</li> <li>Exfiltration and impact</li> </ul> <p>Each chapter includes discussions of several techniques and sub-techniques that could be used to achieve an attacker’s objectives in any of these use cases. The ideal resource for anyone with a professional or personal interest in cybersecurity, <i>Python For Cybersecurity</i> offers in-depth information about a wide variety of attacks and effective, Python-based defenses against them.</p>