Quantum Field Theory


From Operators to Path Integrals

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A new, updated and enhanced edition of the classic work, which was welcomed for its general approach and self-sustaining organization of the chapters. <br> Written by a highly respected textbook writer and researcher, this book has a more general scope and adopts a more practical approach than other books. It includes applications of condensed matter physics, first developing traditional concepts, including Feynman graphs, before moving on to such key topics as functional integrals, statistical mechanics and Wilson’s renormalization group. The author takes care to explain the connection between the latter and conventional perturbative renormalization. Due to the rapid advance and increase in importance of low dimensional systems, this second edition fills a gap in the market with its added discussions of low dimensional systems, including one-dimensional conductors.<br> All the chapters have been revised, while more clarifying explanations and problems have been added. A FREE SOLUTIONS MANUAL is available for lecturers from www.wiley-vch.de/textbooks.


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