Quantum Supremacy


How Quantum Computers Will Unlock the Mysteries of Science – and Usher in a New Quantum Era

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We are entering the Quantum Era. The rise of quantum computing – computing on individual atoms, rather than silicon chips – will have profound implications for our economy, society and way of life, and could leave Silicon Valley as a new Rust Belt, its technology obsolete.In Quantum Supremacy, renowned theoretical physicist Michio Kaku reveals the dazzling promise and potential pitfalls of the quantum computer. While digital computers are bean counters, keeping mindless track of our data, quantum computers may eventually unlock some of the greatest mysteries of our world – unravelling, atom for atom, the complex chemical processes that make life possible and run the Universe.The possibilities of this unprecedented science include powering a Solar Revolution by reducing the cost of solar power; unleashing a Second Green Revolution to feed the planet with a new type of fertilizer; allowing doctors to attack diseases like cancer and Parkinson’s at the atomic level; revolutionizing AI and even achieving the mythical grail of the nanobot. Kaku details with his characteristic insight, energy and optimism what this quantum future might look like, and gives the reader a front-row seat to the revolution. As he argues, once we become masters of atoms, we also become magicians, able to change the world around us by pure thought.]]>