Radome Electromagnetic Theory and Design


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<p><em style=”mso-bidi-font-style: normal;”>Radome Electromagnetic Theory and Design</i> explores the theoretical tools and methods required to design radomes that are fully transparent to the electromagnetic energy transmitted or received by the enclosed antenna. A radome is a weatherproof and camouflaged enclosure that protects the enclosed radar or communication antenna, and are typically used on a fixed or moving platform such as an aircraft, ship or missile.</p> <p> </p> The author — a noted expert in the field — examines the theoretical methods that apply to all type of radomes: planar, conformal, airborne and ground based. The text offers a description of the various measurement methods that characterise the electrical parameters of a radome, and discusses their merits in terms of accuracy. This groundbreaking book brings together in one volume all the necessary theoretical tools to design radomes


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