Reading Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art


Selected Texts with Interactive Commentary

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Designed for readers with no or little prior knowledge of the subject, this concise anthology brings together key texts in aesthetics and the philosophy of art. <br /> <ul class=”noindent”> <li>Designed for readers with no or little prior knowledge of the subject.<br /> </li> <li>Presents two contrasting pieces on each of six topics.<br /> </li> <li>Texts range from Plato’s famous critique of art in the ‘Republic’ through Nietzsche’s ‘The Birth of Tragedy’ to Barthes’ ‘The Death of the Author’ ‘and pieces in recent philosophical aesthetics from a number of traditions.<br /> </li> <li>Interactive editorial commentary helps readers to engage with the philosophical train of thought.<br /> </li> <li>Explains the argumentative and historical context in which each piece was written.<br /> </li> <li>Includes questions for debate and suggestions for further reading.</li> </ul>


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