Readings in Social Welfare


Theory and Policy

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In <i>Readings in Social Welfare: Theory and Policy,</i> Robert E. Kuenne packages postwar classics with contemporary discussions to examine the impact of social welfare theory on policy development. The book introduces students to frameworks developed by scholars to monitor the market’s inefficiencies, to modify its income distribution and resource allocation, and to make decisions for social investment. <br /> <p>The readings cover practical issues of national and international concern, such as income and wealth distribution, the measurement of social welfare, recent movements in government regulation theory and practice, the economics of drug prohibition, and the role of the public’s risk aversion in the determination of public investment.<br /> </p> <p>This book and its complement, <i>Readings in Applied Microeconomic Theory: Market Forces and Solutions,</i> are part of the Blackwell Readings for Contemporary Economics series.</p>


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