Real Leaders Don’t Do Powerpoint


How to speak so people listen

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If you are a leader – or aspiring to be one – then tools like PowerPoint detract, not add, to how your performance will be received. In fact, leadership and the ability to speak and sell yourself and your ideas are inextricably intertwined. Successful leaders speak to help listeners know themselves as well as to influence and inspire them. Chris Witt has helped hundreds of executives take their game to another level. Because, when you are a leader, being a good speaker isn’t enough. You have to be a great speaker. Your reputation and the success of your business depend on being able to speak to a variety of audiences confidently and persuasively. Through contemporary and historical examples, Chris provides practical advice on how his readers can take their game to another level by understanding ideas such as:* You are the message – it’s your experience, vision and character that audiences want* As a leader, you have only three speeches: to identify, to influence and to inspire* Speak less to say more. Fewer, shorter speeches have greater impact* Dare to be different. Leaders don’t play by the rules; they take risks]]>





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