Really Big Questions For Daring Thinkers: Space and Time


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What’s the difference between me, a planet and a star? Does the Universe follow a recipe? If a wardrobe has three dimensions, what is the fourth?These are some of life’s biggest questions, and you are a daring thinker for even thinking about them! So open your mind and prepare to explore some of the biggest, boldest ideas about astrophysics, space and time – from the ridiculously silly to the strikingly serious. Each question in this book will unlock new ways of thinking and may lead you to some intriguing answers. If you’re daring enough to take on this mind-expanding challenge, then read on!Written by science communicator and space expert Professor Mark Brake, the easy-to-understand text, intriguing mind-teasers, and incredible thought experiments make this philosophic journey unforgettably fun!]]>