Register-based Statistics


Registers and the National Statistical System

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<b>REGISTER-BASED STATISTICS</b> <p><b>Rediscover this authoritative guide to register-based statistics filled with significant new improvements </b> <p>In the newly revised Third Edition of <i>Register-based Statistics: Registers and the National Statistical System</i>, Anders Wallgren and Britt Wallgren deliver a robust exploration of how register-based statistics can be used to its fullest potential. The authors describe how statistical institutes can work on long-term projects to improve administrative systems, as well as estimation methods that can improve the quality of statistical estimates based on registers with quality problems. Readers will also discover how to improve the ways register-statistical issues are introduced, as well as how to create population registers. <p>Finally, the authors draw on their experience from teaching and consulting in several countries to explain how to implement register-based statistics. <p>Key features of the third edition: <ul><li>Discusses the problems new register countries face</li> <li>Explains how registers will improve the efficiency of the national statistical system</li> <li>Clarifies the importance of the system approach</li> <li>Describes how a statistical population register can be created</li> <li>Registers-based statistics require new skills and understanding of new concepts </li> <li>Many important quality indicators are described</li> <li>Explains difficult topics in a pedagogic way</li></ul> <p>Perfect for staff at national statistical institutes and administrative and ministerial authorities belonging to national statistical systems, <i>Register-based Statistics</i> will also prove to be an indispensable resource for undergraduate and graduate students in statistics programs and courses, as well as survey researchers and practitioners.