Reluctant Carer


Dispatches from the Edge of Life

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It begins with a phone call, the kind we all fear. Your 87-year-old father has been admitted to hospital after a heart attack, leaving your 89-year-old mother at home alone. So you pack a small bag and go home to help. But then your life collapses as quickly as your parents’ health.You find yourself marooned in the overheated house you grew up in, washing, feeding and fighting with the people who raised you. There are days that test the very fabric of your sanity. And then there are days where the worst thing that ever happened to you somehow brings out the best in everyone.Irresistibly funny, painfully honest and deeply moving, this is a true story of what it really means to be a carer, and of the ties that bind even tighter when life, love and death come cold calling.]]>