Remote Work Technology


Keeping Your Small Business Thriving From Anywhere

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<p><b>Your small business survival guide for the remote work environment</b></p> <p>In <i>Remote Work Technology: Keeping Your Small Business Thriving From Anywhere</i>, experienced SaaS and telecommunications entrepreneur Henry Kurkowski delivers a step-by-step walkthrough for using SaaS technology and communication apps to power your small business from anywhere on the planet.</p> <p>You’ll learn how to capitalize on the ability to hire a geographically distributed workforce and excel at serving clients at a distance. You’ll also discover why and how you need to alter your approach to management and spot the common pitfalls that litter the way to a truly distributed business.</p> <p>This important book includes:</p> <ul> <li>Valuable case studies of businesses that embraced the reality of remote working during and after the COVID-19 pandemic and cautionary tales of unexpected challenges that arose during the transition.</li> <li>Discussions of how to incorporate remote workers into efficient workflows to increase your business’ productivity</li> <li>Explorations of how to support your employees when you can’t just pop into their office</li> </ul> <p>Perfect for small business founders, owners, and managers, <i>Remote Work Technology</i> is also a must-read guide for independent contractors who work directly with small businesses and entrepreneurs.</p>


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