Rental Property and Taxation


An Australian Investor’s Guide

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<b>Don’t leave</b> <b>the success</b> <b>of your</b> <b>investment</b> <b>up to a visit</b> <b>to your</b> <b>accountant</b> <b>once a</b> <b>year — this</b> <b>book could</b> <b>save you</b> <b>hundreds!</b><br /> <br /> <p>In print for over 10 years, <i>Rental Property and Taxation</i> debunks the many myths surrounding tax and real estate investment, and takes an objective look at how a loss from a rental property can affect your tax situation.</p> <p>In this fully updated fourth edition, practising accountant Tony Compton arms rental property owners and would-be owners with the information they need to be better informed about tax as it relates to their own circumstances. It covers all aspects of rental property ownership, including:</p> <ul> <li>allowable deductions</li> <li>decline in value and construction cost write-offs</li> <li>negative and positive gearing</li> <li>record keeping</li> <li>structures and ownership, and more!</li> </ul> <p>With its plain-English explanations, real-life case studies and the latest updates to tax laws, <i>Rental Property and Taxation</i> will take the ‘buy now and hope for the best’ factor out of tax planning for rental property investments.</p>


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