Return to Cold War


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<p>The 2014 crisis in Ukraine sent a tottering U.S.-Russian relationship over a cliff – a dangerous descent into deep mistrust, severed ties, and potential confrontation reminiscent of the Cold War period.</p> <p>In this incisive new analysis, leading expert on Soviet and Russian foreign policy, Robert Legvold, explores in detail this qualitatively new phase in a relationship that has alternated between hope and disappointment for much of the past two decades. Tracing the long and tortured path leading to this critical juncture, he contends that the recent deterioration of Russia-U.S. relations deserves to be understood as a return to cold war with great and lasting consequences. In drawing out the commonalities between the original cold war and the current confrontation, <i>Return to Cold War</i> brings a fresh perspective to what is happening between the two countries, its broader significance beyond the immediate issues of the day, and how political leaders in both countries might adjust their approaches in order, as the author urges, to make this new cold war “as short and shallow as possible.”</p>


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