Revenue Management for the Hospitality Industry


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<b>REVENUE MANAGEMENT FOR THE HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY</b> <p><b>Explore intermediate and advanced topics in the field of revenue management with this up-to-date guide</b> <p>In the newly revised second edition of <i>Revenue Management for the Hospitality Industry,</i> an accomplished team of industry professionals delivers a comprehensive and insightful review of hospitality pricing and revenue optimization strategies. The book offers realistic industry examples from hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality industry segments that use differential pricing as a major revenue management tool. <p>The authors discuss concepts critical to the achievement of hospitality professionals’ revenue management goals and include new examinations of the growing importance of effective data collection and management. A running case study helps students learn how to incorporate the revenue management principles and strategies included in the book’s 14 chapters. <p>Written for students with some prior knowledge and understanding of the hospitality industry, the new edition also includes: <ul><li>A brand-new chapter on data analysis and revenue management that addresses many of the most important data and technology-related developments in the field, including the management of big data, data safety, and data security</li> <li>In-depth discussions of revenue management topics including Net Revenue Per Available Room, Direct Revenue Ratio, and other KPIs</li> <li>Major changes to the book’s instructor support materials and an expansion of the instructor’s test bank items and student exercises.</li></ul> <p>An indispensable resource for students taking courses in hospitality management or business administration,<i> Revenue Management for the Hospitality Industry, Second Edition</i> is also ideal for managers and executives in the hospitality industry.