Principles, Methods, Applications

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<b>Ribozymes</b> <p><b>Provides comprehensive coverage of a core field in the molecular biosciences, bringing together decades of knowledge from the world’s top professionals in the field</b> <p>Timely and unique in its breadth of content, this all-encompassing and authoritative reference on ribozymes documents the great diversity of nucleic acid-based catalysis. It integrates the knowledge gained over the past 35 years in the field and features contributions from virtually every leading expert on the subject. <p><i>Ribozymes</i> is organized into six major parts. It starts by describing general principles and strategies of nucleic acid catalysis. It then introduces naturally occurring ribozymes and includes the search for new catalytic motifs or novel genomic locations of known motifs. Next, it covers the development and design of engineered ribozymes, before moving on to DNAzymes as a close relative of ribozymes. The next part examines the use of ribozymes for medicinal and environmental diagnostics, as well as for therapeutic tools. It finishes with a look at the tools and methods in ribozyme research, including the techniques and assays for structural and functional characterization of nucleic acid catalysts. <ul><li>The first reference to tie together all aspects of the multi-faceted field of ribozymes</li> <li>Features more than 30 comprehensive chapters in two volumes</li> <li>Covers the chemical principles of RNA catalysis; naturally occurring ribozymes, engineered ribozymes; DNAzymes; ribozymes as tools in diagnostics and therapy, and tools and methods to study ribozymes</li> <li>Includes first-hand accounts of concepts, techniques, and applications by a team of top international experts from leading academic institutions</li> <li>Dedicates half of its content to methods and practical applications, ranging from bioanalytical tools to medical diagnostics to therapeutics</li></ul> <p><i>Ribozymes</i> is an unmatched resource for all biochemists, biotechnologists, molecular biologists, and bioengineers interested in the topic.