A Sketchbook Guide

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Matthew Rice is a long-time observer and illustrator of cities, buildings and all those who inhabit them, with an uncanny ability to express the energy of a place through a few lines of ink and splashes of paint. In the first book in this new sketchbook series, he explored the glittering canals of Venice: now he turns his attention to Rome, the Eternal City. Rome is a place where the ancient, the baroque and the modern clash, and this tension runs through Matthew’s paintings. In this guide, he makes sly juxtapositions of people and animals against the backdrop of the city’s architectural and artistic wonders, its ruins and its ristoranti. Matthew’s ability to notice detail, his sense of light and dark, his expert’s knowledge of architecture and how it creates an atmosphere allows him to present Rome, in these pages, in its all its living, breathing splendour. Following the same landscape format as Matthew’s real-life sketchbooks, Rome: A Sketchbook Guide will combine enchanting watercolour illustrations with an informed, personal and witty text, and promises to delight all visitors to Rome, armchair or actual.]]>