Rose and the Burma Sky


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ONE WAR, ONE LOVE, ONE SOLDIERPerched high up in a mango tree in the heart of their village, Obi and friends like to peer down at the grown-ups. In the distance, the colonial army recruiters loiter on the road, buttons and boots shining in the sun. The military, with its promise of land for anyone who joins, sounds like respectable employement for Obi, who is keen to impress his sweetheart, Rose.When she becomes pregnant with another man, his young heart is shattered. As war in South-East Asia escalates and Obi is shipped out to Burma, he is haunted by the mystery of Rose’s lover. When his identity comes to light, Obi’s devastation leads to a tragic – and wholly unforeseeable – chain of events.In ROSE AND THE BURMA SKY, Rosana Amaka weaves the horrors of war, the pain of unrequited love and the possibility that following your heart might not always be the best course of action. Its gritty boy’s-eye view of the battlefields of love and war brings a spare and impassioned intensity, charging this untold story with universal resonance and power.]]>