Rules of Thumb for Water and Wastewater Engineers


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<p><b>A unique resource that helps water engineers make quick evaluations and estimate design decisions</b> <p>Water and wastewater treatment are essential processes in the water economy and as such, vital to the health and success of any community. At its core, the essence of this process is converting one analysis (source water, which can come from wells, lakes, sea, or wastewater) into goal water analysis, namely potable water that is suitable for human consumption. The process is generally separated by industrial and musical processes according to the source of the wastewater and its intended use, such that the water is cleaned of industrial and biological contaminants. This then can be reused in an industrial setting, allowed back into the environment, or made safe for consumption. <p>Relying on a contaminant-classified approach, <i>Rules of Thumb for Water and Wastewater Engineers</i> provides engineers with the necessary skills to ascertain the best methodology for a broad range of impurities in an H2O source. Within these bounds, the manual offers guidelines for important areas of management: potable water treatment, municipal wastewater treatment, industrial water treatment, and industrial wastewater treatment. As the first step to water treatment is to identify both consumer and contaminants, this program gives engineers a resource to easily reference the appropriate chapter for a given contaminant, and thereby evaluate situations quickly and estimate design decisions at a glance before a more detailed approach is taken. <p><i>Rules of Thumb for Water and Wastewater Engineers </i>readers will also find: <ul> <li>Tools that provide quick way to evaluate a situation and make quick decisions</li> <li>Two chapters on removing dissolved materials, a complex topic that deserves much attention</li> <li>Rules of thumb developed over the course of over 20 years of experience by the author</li> <li>Illustrations and figures to help elucidate points made throughout the text</li></ul><p><i>Rules of Thumb for Water and Wastewater Engineers </i>is<i> </i>a useful reference for water chemists, chemical engineers, process engineers, chemists, and members of the chemical industry, the paper industry, and the food industry.