Rumaysa: Ever After


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Return to a Once Upon a Time where anything is possible . . . Rumaysa: Ever After is the enchanting sequel to Radiya Hafiza’s Rumaysa: A Fairytale – a gorgeously empowering and funny story that spins the classic fairytale to show that anyone can be a hero.Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, a young girl called Rumaysa was searching for her parents . . .When Rumaysa receives a mysterious invitation from Saira White, the Queen of Bishnara, she hopes the Queen will be able to help her on her quest to find her long lost parents. But things are rarely as they seem, and Rumaysa is soon pulled into a dark, magical adventure to save her new friends even as she searches for her family. But will she ever find her own Happily Ever After?Set in a magical version of South Asia, this gorgeous retelling intertwines traditional stories of Princesses, Witches, Princes and Beasts with a fresh and empowering perspective, beautifully illustrated by Rhaida El Touny.]]>