Russian For Dummies


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<b>Privyet! Explore the Russian language with this fantastic beginner’s guide</b> <p>With over 260 million speakers around the world, Russian remains one of the most popular and marketable languages you can learn. And for those who have no idea where to begin, <i>Russian For Dummies</i> is the perfect first step! <p>In this easy-to-understand resource for Russian language beginners, you’ll discover basic grammar and common expressions you might use while shopping, dining out, traveling, or conducting business. You’ll also find simplified and generalized conjugation rules and a streamlined approach to grammar based on how you actually understand the language, rather than technical rules and details. <p>This book offers: <ul> <li>Supplemental online resources so you can hear how native Russian speakers use the words you’re trying to learn</li> <li>Guidance on identifying Cyrillic letters from the alphabet used by Russian speakers and writers</li> <li>Tons of useful exercise and practice opportunities you can take advantage of to sharpen your skills</li> </ul> <p>Perfect for any newcomer to the Russian language trying to pick up their first few phrases, <i>Russian For Dummies</i> is a fantastic first foray into conversational Russian that will have you ordering meals, going shopping, and navigating other day-to-day situations with ease. Удачи! (That means good luck!)


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