Satan’s Angel


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Feisty young Miss Rosie is lured away from her dwindling business during the first wave of the Klondike gold rush. Ending up in a town in a town called Satan, she auditions for the position of the town’s most illustrious madam. Her creative ways with chocolate win her a place as the mysterious Devlin Meeh’s mistress. As his favourite, she becomes queen of a town where the wildest fantasies become everyday life, but where her devious rival, Venus, rules an underworld of sexual slavery. Caught in this dark vixen’s wed of deceit, Rosie is then kidnapped by the pistol-packing all-female gang, the KlonDykes, taunted by the man who lured her to Satan and ultimately, played as a pawn in a dangerous game of revenge. But there’s also a handsome Mountie waiting in the wings who might just be able to save her insatiable ways.]]>



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