School for Broken Hearts


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Every person’s life is a journey toward themselves.The School for Broken Hearts, founded by bestselling mega monk Haemin Sunim, provides a safe and caring space for people going through a difficult stage in life. Following on from his first two immensely successful books (where the first was about slowing down, and the second was about accepting imperfection), this time, it’s about finding one’s path.In this book, which embodies Haemin’s trademark mixture of illustrations, narrative, quotes, poems, aphorisms, he shows how you too can find both inner tranquillity and “small but certain happiness”, whatever burden you are carrying – be that a broken relationship, an unmanageable work/life balance or a painful bereavement. Along the way there are chapters on Self-Knowledge, Family, Friends, Loneliness, and as Haemin proves, when our minds grow tranquil, everything becomes clearer; we can be healed of our pain and live our best lives.]]>



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