Science Studies Meets Colonialism


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<p>The field of Science and Technology Studies has long critiqued the idea that there is such a thing as a universal and singular “”Science”” that exists independently of human society, interpretation, and action. But surprisingly little attention has been paid to the colonial contexts in which the scientific endeavor has been practiced and on which scientific principles have been built.</p> <p>In this important book, Amit Prasad seeks to rectify this erasure, demonstrating that problematic idealized imaginaries of science, scientists, and the scientific realm can be traced back to the birth of “”modern science”” during European colonialism. Such visions of science and technology have undergirded the imagination of the West&nbsp;(and thus its others), constructing hierarchies of technological innovation and scientific value, but also unexpectedly leaving society vulnerable to contemporary threats of misinformation and conspiracy theories, as has been strikingly evident during the COVID-19 pandemic.</p> <p>Far from being an indictment of STS, this&nbsp;rigorous book seeks to highlight such concerns to make STS engage more carefully with issues of colonialism and thus to enable readers&nbsp;to understand the rapidly changing global topography of science and technology today, and into the future.</p>