Sea Change


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‘Utterly original‘ – Bryan Washington, author of MemorialRo is heartbroken. Her long-term boyfriend has accepted a one-way ticket on a mission to colonize Mars; her best friend, wrapped up in planning her own wedding, is too busy to notice.Her only consolation is Dolores, the magnificent giant Pacific octopus her father brought to the aquarium where Ro now works before he mysteriously disappeared fifteen years ago. Dolores can change into colours no one’s ever seen before. She comes from the deepest part of the Bering Strait, where conditions are hostile to life. She is the only thing, or so Ro thinks, that connects her to her missing father.When the aquarium announces that Dolores is to be sold, Ro self-destructs. Wading through memories of her youth and with the tough love from her family and friends, Ro must come to terms with her own place in an ever-changing world.Shape-shifting, dazzling and perfectly observed, Sea Change is a story of finding yourself when your compass is thrown and making your way back from the storm.‘Sea Change stole my big weirdo heart‘ – Jean Kyoung Frazier, author of Pizza Girl]]>