Secret Breakers: The Power of Three


Book 1

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Introducing an extraordinary series with real codes, real mysteries and real danger. A Da Vinci Code for kids …Imagine the chance to solve the Voynich Manuscript – a puzzle that has truly defeated adults for centuries. It’s an ancient manuscript no one has ever been able to decipher. And there are Rules that say it is forbidden to even try to solve it. A secret hidden for centuries. But Brodie Bray likes a challenge, and when she receives a coded message through the post her life changes for ever. She’s chosen for a secret team working to crack this most complicated code in the world to uncover the secret it hides.But it’s a code that has driven people mad trying to solve it. Together with her new friends, Brodie must break the rules to break the code, at every turn facing terrible danger. For someone is watching them – and will even kill to stop them.In this original new series, three children tackle real unsolved mysteries and struggle with real unbroken codes to get to the hidden truth. Enter the world of the Secret Breakers at’ resources and full reading guide available here:]]>



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