Secret Lives of Numbers


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A ground-breaking non-Western history of maths.The protagonists of this book won’t be familiar to most readers. Pythagoras, Newton and Descartes seldom feature. Instead, it highlights the remarkable lives and works of a diverse group of pioneers, who fought millennia of oppression to leave a spectacular legacy of mind-melting ideas and theorems.Kitagawa and Revell bring to life the stories of mathematicians from every continent, from the brilliant Arabic scholars of the 9th Century ‘House of Wisdom’; to the pioneering African-American mathematicians of the 20th Century; from the first female mathematics professor (from Russia); to the “lady computers” around the world who revolutionised our knowledge of the night sky.The authors want passionately to inspire people of every background to believe that mathematics is a subject for them. This ground-breaking book changes how we view our mathematical past, casting fresh light on the possibilities for the future.]]>