See Me Rolling


The View From My Mobility Scooter

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‘The world was sadly not my lobster, it was a skimpy crayfish from a petrol station sandwich and it was on the turn.’In this warm, thought-provoking and often hilarious memoir, Lottie Jackson reflects on her experiences of living with disability: from the difficulties of going shopping on a mobility scooter, to the headache of defining oneself on a tick-box form, and from the indignities of the so-called easy-pull tights aid to the intense pleasure of finally swapping a hospital gown for a slinky dress. Lottie captivatingly expresses the acute difficulties and joys of living with disability, as well as the strange everyday occurrences that abled-bodied people usually don’t experience.See Me Rolling is an insightful and moving memoir, but it is also a clarion call for greater diversity and inclusion. Inequalities in representation, access and opportunities for disabled people are breeding in silence. Too often people with disabilities are kept on the periphery and treated as a sum of their differences. In this dazzling debut, Lottie reveals why we must strive for change and how we can transform our society for the better. She has a voice that needs to be heard.]]>