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<p>Segregation is one of the starkest social realities of contemporary societies. Though often associated with explicitly racist laws of the past, it is a phenomenon that persists to this day and is a crucial element for understanding group relations and the wellbeing of different populations in society.</p> <p>In this book, Eric Fong and Kumiko Shibuya provide a thorough discussion of the evolving complexity of segregation in all its variety and variations. The authors focus not only on past trends and the development of segregation measures, but also the current state of affairs, and demonstrate the connections between the segregation of racial/ethnic groups, immigrant communities, and schools, along with poverty concentration. By taking a wide, cross-cutting view, the authors identify commonalities and differences in the causes, mechanisms, and consequences of segregation. Spatial and social segregation together perpetuate and reinforce the unequal distribution of resources among racial and ethnic groups, which in turn can have positive and negative consequences for individuals and groups.</p> This critical overview of segregation will be a valuable and insightful resource for students of sociology, geography, and ethnic studies, as well as those keen to get a handle on this persistent challenge to equal and inclusive societies.<br /><br />


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