Self-Ligation in Orthodontics


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<i>Self-Ligation in Orthodontics</i> is a major new text that reviews, analyses and clarifies the currently available peer-reviewed evidence on a number of applications of this technology, espousing diverse perspectives to make this a unique scientific resource on self-ligation. <p>The book embraces all aspects of self-ligating brackets, extending from therapeutic outcome, to biomechanics, materials, and treatment manifestations. Each chapter addresses a specific question pertinent to the properties and clinical performance of self-ligating brackets including: force and moment generation during engagement; temporal variation of force in active self-ligating brackets; periodontal considerations and oral microbiota alterations; root resorption; treatment efficiency and associated dental effects.</p> <p>A work of substantial, thoughtful, and useful scholarship, <i>Self-Ligation in Orthodontics</i> will be a significant resource for clinicians and researchers in orthodontics, and related dental specialists.</p> <ul> <li>First comprehensive resource on self-ligation in orthodontics</li> <li>Surveys available peer-reviewed evidence</li> <li>Epitomizes the management of self-ligating treatment suggesting important treatment concepts and tips for the practicing clinician</li> <li>Includes diverse perspectives to provide a balanced and scholarly approach</li> <li>Richly illustrated with detailed color clinical images</li> </ul>


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