Seven-Day Stress Prescription


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Our lives have become increasingly stressful. How can we turn this stress into strength and resilience?Whether it’s our to-do lists, deadlines, difficult conversations or crises small or large, our waking hours are filled with constant stressors. We can’t eliminate stress – it will always be woven into our lives and part of everything from parenting and careers, to reaching big life dreams. However, this book will help you to ‘stress better’ and become more resilient. World-renowned psychologist, Dr Elissa Epel, distils her years of research into a practical seven-day plan to transform our relationship with stress in just seven days. The secret to tackling stress is not to avoid it but to experience it differently. She offers simple, actionable, science-based techniques that offer immediate relief, such as how to:· Expect the unexpected and learn to be flexible· Control what you can and put down the rest· Meet challenges with excitement · Harness your stress response for resilience, better health, and longevity · Gain perspective and let nature shrink stress· Find deep rest and regenerative energy · Discover and capture what brings you joyUltimately, stress is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to wear us down. The Seven-Day Stress Prescription will equip you with a healthier mindset and the resources you need to turn stress into strength and a tool that helps us to grow.]]>



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