Sexual Deviance


Understanding and Managing Deviant Sexual Interests and Paraphilic Disorders

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<b>SEXUAL DEVIANCE</b> <p><b>The essential text for understanding and managing deviant sexual interest and paraphilic disorders </b><p><i> Sexual Deviance </i> is an authoritative text that provides an understanding to the assessment, management, and treatment of sexual deviance and paraphilic disorders. The international panel of contributors—noted experts on the topic—illuminate the emerging theories that help to explain the developmental influences and pathways of sexual deviance and its connection to offending behaviour. The text considers various developmental influences such as neurobiological pathways as well as the effects of pornography. <p> The contributors highlight the assessment and diagnosis of sexual deviance and explore the links to offending behavior such as rape fantasy, algolagnic paraphilia, online viewing of indecent images of children, and sexual sadism. The book examines the effectiveness of a variety of current treatments including behavioral, pharmacological, cognitive behavioral therapy, and systemic treatment. This important text: <ul><li>Offers contributions from an international panel of experts</li><li>Examines the causes of deviant sexual interests</li><li>Presents techniques for managing deviant sexual interests</li><li>Includes information on co-morbid disorders and sexual offending</li></ul><p> Written for students and professionals in psychology, criminology, psychiatry, forensic nursing, and social work, <i>Sexual Deviance </i>explores deviant sexual interests in sexual offenders and reviews the techniques designed to manage behavior.


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