Shadows At Noon


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This book tells the story of South Asia’s twentieth century in eight chapters. Unlike standard narrative histories of the subcontinent that concentrate exclusively on politics, here nature, objects, technologies, cultures, and people’s changing relationships to them and to each other, are central preoccupations.The structure of the book is unorthodox. Unusually for a work of this kind, it is thematic rather than chronological. Chapters address specific questions that might arise in the minds of a ‘lay’, but thoughtful, reader; but each chapter is chronological within itself, analysing change over a century in one particular sphere. This format allows the reader to explore particular issues – say, the changing character of nationalism, migration or consumption – over time and in depth.Shadows at Noon is a bold and innovative work that pushes back against standard narratives of ‘inherent’ differences between India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The purpose of the book is to make contemporary South Asia intelligible, while sharing with the reader its infinite colour and excitement. The book does not ‘talk down’ to the reader or attempt, in facile ways, to simplify the history of a vast, and almost mythically intricate, society.]]>