Shift For Good


How I Figured it Out and Feel Better Than Ever

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This highly anticipated new book by no.1 New York Times hardcover bestselling and author and Good Morning America contributor, Tory Johnson explores what happened when she reached for her dream of finally losing weight, achieved it…and now primed with success realises that her SHIFT had only just begun.Good Morning, America contributor, Tory Johnson truly believed she’d live happily ever after if she could conquer her life-long struggle with her weight. Her runaway bestseller, The Shift, shred the lessons acquired on this quest as she lost more than 80 pounds. Moved by, and grateful for, the response to her book and her results, she felt empowered and satisfied… for a while. HAving achieved a goal she once saw as impossible, life seemed a bit stagnant. That’s when she realised that her Shift wasn’t over – in fact it had just begun! Buoyed by this realisation Tory applied Shifting to her career, her personal life and her community. This book documents her results: doors open, relationships deepen, opportunity abounds. This practical and intimate new book will motivate readers to Shift every day, in every way!]]>



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