Six Phase Meditation Method


The Proven Technique to Supercharge Your Mind, Manifest Your Goals and Make Magic in Minutes a Day

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The New York Times bestselling author is back with a new book to showreaders how to hack meditation with a 15-minute programme thatanyone can make time for.Pulled from thousands of years of psycho-spiritual wisdom and translated intoplain English, Zero Bullsh*t Meditation presents a logical, 15-minute practicethat anyone can master. This meditation will actively change your brainchemistry for increased focus, reducing anxiety and teaching you how to thriveamid all the crazy-making situations in your life so you shift from overwhelm tooverwellness – an optimum level of balance in all aspects of your life.No matter what you’ve got going on – an endless to-do list, screaming kids,financial burdens – it doesn’t matter. This book will help you hack the benefits ofmeditation and thrive.]]>