Skin in Water-Colours


Unpublished Aquarelles from Hebra’s Department in Vienna 1841-1843

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The discovery of this hitherto forgotten collection of paintings by Carl von Rzehaczek and possibly Lorenz Matthäus Carl Rigler lies not only in their quality and their historical value but as rare examples of skin diseases illustrated by doctors who were also artists. Undoubtedly the finest of these was Anton Elfinger who was responsible for most of Hebra’s wonderful Atlas published a few decades later than this collection was made.<br /> <p>This beautiful book faithfully reproduces these 19th century illustrations, each of which is accompanied by an explanatory text by a leading international dermatologist.<br /> </p> <p><i>”a valuable addition to our important historical heritage and a fascinating commentary on the changes made in dermatology in the first 160 years. The authors deserve our praise”</i> <b>Darrell Wilkinson</b></p>


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