Small Business


Creating Value Through Entrepreneurship

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<p><i>Small Business: Creating Value Through Entrepreneurship </i>offers a balanced approach to the core concepts of starting, managing, and working in a small business. An ideal textbook for undergraduate courses in small business management and entrepreneurship, the book offers a student-friendly pedagogical framework that blends foundational research on small business with the real-world practice of business ownership. Relevant examples are provided throughout the text, bringing key concepts to life while providing a realistic view of what it takes to create a successful and sustainable small business.</p> Organized into five streamlined sections&mdash;a small business overview, paths to small business ownership, financial and legal issues, ways to grow a small business, and discussion of the &ldquo;Entrepreneur&rsquo;s Dilemma&rdquo;&mdash;the text offers a diverse range of relatable examples drawn from both actual businesses and from depictions of entrepreneurship in popular media. Each clear and accessible chapter features discussion questions, mini-case studies, further reading lists, and color visual displays designed to enhance the learning experience and strengthen student engagement and comprehension.