Smart Grid Telecommunications


Fundamentals and Technologies in the 5G Era

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<b>SMART GRID TELECOMMUNICATIONS</b> <p><b>Discover the foundations and main applications of telecommunications to smart grids</b> <p>In <i>Smart Grid Telecommunications,</i> renowned researchers and authors Drs. Alberto Sendin, Javier Matanza, and Ramon Ferrús deliver a focused treatment of the fundamentals and main applications of telecommunication technologies in smart grids. Aimed at engineers and professionals who work with power systems, the book explains what smart grids are and where telecommunications are needed to solve their various challenges. <p>Power engineers will benefit from explanations of the main concepts of telecommunications and how they are applied to the different domains of a smart grid. Telecommunication engineers will gain an understanding of smart grid applications and services and will learn from the explanations of how telecommunications need to be adapted to work with them. <p>The authors offer a simplified vision of smart grids with rigorous coverage of the latest advances in the field, while avoiding some of the technical complexities that can hinder understanding in this area. The book offers: <ul><li>Discussions of why telecommunications are necessary in smart grids and the various telecommunication services and systems relevant for them</li> <li>An exploration of foundational telecommunication concepts ranging from system-level aspects, such as network topologies, multi-layer architectures and protocol stacks, to communications channel transmission- and reception-level aspects</li> <li>Examinations of telecommunication-related smart grid services and systems, including SCADA, protection and teleprotection, smart metering, substation and distribution automation, synchrophasors, distributed energy resources, electric vehicles, and microgrids</li> <li>A treatment of wireline and wireless telecommunication technologies, like DWDM, Ethernet, IP, MPLS, PONs, PLC, BPL, 3GPP cellular 4G and 5G technologies, Zigbee, Wi-SUN, LoRaWAN, and Sigfox, addressing their architectures, characteristics, and limitations</li></ul> <p>Ideal for engineers working in power systems or telecommunications as network architects, operations managers, planners, or in regulation-related activities, <i>Smart Grid Telecommunications</i> is also an invaluable resource for telecommunication network and smart grid architects.