Sober Girl Society Handbook


An empowering guide to living hangover free

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UPDATED WITH A BRAND NEW CHAPTER ON SOBER CURIOSITY*Voted an Independent best self-care book for 2021**Voted one of Heat’s best self-help books to help you reach your full potential*If you’ve ever woken up feeling anxious, or cringing with embarrassment, about something you did or said whilst drunk the night before, this book may just change your life.Whichever way you look at it, it’s hard to avoid how alcohol really makes us feel: terrible. After years of partying and hangovers started taking a toll on her mental health, Millie Gooch gave up alcohol and has never looked back.Offering tips and advice on staying sober and curious in a world obsessed with booze, this handbook will change your life for ever, by showing you not only why you should drink less, but how. Millie shares essential information to empower you to transform your relationship with alcohol so that you can lead your most fulfilling life.Whether you’re sober curious or determined to make a more permanent change, it’s time to join the Sober Girl Society!It’s time to join the Sober Girl Society:’I LOVE this book already, just received today and I can’t put it down!”I recommend this to anyone; whether they want to stop drinking permanently, or even would just like to cut down on their drinking.”I love how relatable and non-preachy this book is.”Approaches what can be a tricky and confusing subject for many with humour and wit.”Perfect for those reconsidering their relationship with alcohol. Brilliant book.’]]>